SWADS-466CAM setup

Swann Cam SWADS-466

Just wanted to post regarding setting up the 466CAM so you do not have to use it with the stupid unreliable expensive online interface.

This Camera has the ability to connect to third party programs so you do not have to use Swann Cloud, the program I found best to work is Blue Iris, a $25 program that runs on windows and acts as a DVR for when you are away, it picks up the SWANN camera perfectly.

Connect to the Swann camera interface and make a note of the IP address
username and password is user=admin password=12345

To connect to the cameras interface you need to connect on port 85 or use HTTPS for example

Change the ip address to your cameras local ip, this can be found by logging into CAMERA SETTINGS in the Swann-Cloud website https://www.swann-cloud.com/ and going to SETTINGS

I cannot get the camera to work with iSPY so for now please use Blue Iris http://blueirissoftware.com/

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