The Burisch bike has gone..

I have sold the old electric bike, whilst it was a great machine it just didn’t have the power to get me up the hills that I needed, I have since put a deposit down on this baby so hopefully it should be here shortly 🙂

New Oxygen Bike

3P Learning Pryzm Payment

Hi All, please use this page to pay £3.00 for the ticket for Pryzm, the Ticket enables you to Queue Jump and Entry to Pryzm on Thursday 18th December after the 3P Xmas Party.

Please see Ryan for Ticket, if you are coming from outside the Bristol Area your ticket will be given to you on the Night. All people with a valid ticket can use the VIP Entrance at the club.


Pryzm Ticket 2014
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Butlins 2014 Haloween

Our Halloween costumes this year, Michael Myres / Jason Voorhees and Hannibal Lecter 🙂


20141101_204530 20141101_161940 20141101_231659 20141101_225428 20141101_204436 20141101_161959

Chilli Inferno vs Bombay Badboy

So which is the hottest?

Well I am going to tell you, it’s the Inferno by quite a long way, the Bombay Badboy was always the leader when it came to Hot noodle snacks but the Nations Noodle Chilli Inferno is just bloody great, the BBB smells nicer and is no where near as stodgy but the Inferno is very tasty.

Both of these are good noodles but I suggest you all pickup a Inferno as they are only 50p in Asda for the large pot too 🙂

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